AI Powered Data Analysis & Forecasts

Our advanced AI Engine collects data from multiple data channels and processes it using the data sciences and artificial intelligence. It not only explains what’s going on with the website in simple English but also predicts the future trends. So it doesn’t just tell you the problems but also suggests on how to resolve it.

In simple words our AI Engine Turns Problems into Opportunities.

Complete Marketing Solutions

TurboAnchor offers complete marketing solutions from managing the Google Ads ROI to Search Engine Optimization. Analyze website for the visitor data, Google SERPs & webmasters data and social media hits.

Not just that post on multiple social media profiles with one click of button from single point of interaction.

Efficient Project Management

Effectively manage the complex projects and tasks with our agile scrum methodology based project management tool powered by GitScrum.

It is ideal for monitoring project progress and optimizing tasks with more than 37k projects, 400k tasks, 22k user stories, 9k sprints from more than 18k companies.

Current Features



TurboAnchor provide you an ROI based dashboard for each project with comparative analysis of not only your previous to current project performance but also predicts future trends. Manage multiple things at a single glance from Off page work progress, Top keywords, Traffic, Bounce Rate, Time Stay and much more.


Project Management

Manage projects with Scrum based PM tool powered by GitScrum, it's a default feature for all of your projects. You can easily integrate your Scrum Project with in TurboAnchor & access it anytime from anywhere and manage your projects easily.



Connect with Google Analytics, Facebook Campaigns for accurate project data & precise data analysis. With #Slack channel integration seamlessly communicate & collaborate with your teams.


Magic Link Finder

Need to improve back linking profile? TurboBot can crawl the web and find out the best results for you & sort them under respective heads. It crawls the web & gathers the best suitable data for back linking for the keyword provided by you.


Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager is a complete social media collaborative tool where you can manage all the major social media platforms like. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube & more from one place for each added project.


Keywords Tracking

TurboAnchor track the keywords rankings for each of your projects and present it on the dashboard in timely fashion so that you always stay upto date with your project growth. It also stores your ranking data for future use.


Content Manager

Create a content strategy using directories and manage your content under projects with Google Docs by using our Link Management tool. Most important factor for On-Page or Content Writing Strategies is to know what will be written for your projects and what strategy will be used.


Link Manager

Manage your link building campaigns for each project through our Link Manager tool. It will keep your data collected under your directories using Google Sheets. Most important factor in Off-Page SEO or Link Management is to know about your backlinks.



Generate report in rich PDF format for your staff or clients.