Why am I loosing it?

Being a small to medium software development and online marketing enterprise we have always been faced with two main challenges, Precise Project ROIs Management & Future Assessments & Effectively Manage Project Timelines for multiple projects running at once.

To cope with these challenges we had to use multiple industry leading tools from analytics to project management. Though all of these tools helped us a lot but required a lot of time & money.

The cost for only marketing tools was more than $2k per month. Time spent while using all these different tools at the same time was too much & ultimately lowered productivity.

Why it was achievable?

With 12 years in the market and deeply aware of the situation, we decided to create a tool for to enable us manage all of our project & marketing tasks in one place, and so we started working on the TurboAnchor concept.

Initially we focused on the two major segments Project Management & Data Analysis for Marketing (SEO mainly) and developed the beta version of TurboAnchor. We then shared our tool with few specific marketing agencies, development firms & online communities. This helped us tons to further enhance the product functionality and refine the concept. Meanwhile TurboAnchor was also selected by the Starup Turkey and we got a good opportunity to share our concept with developers & funding firms from around the globe. This helped us not only further boost our confidence in the product in light of investment firms feedback but also opened many new horizons.

Modern Age Challenges!

Keeping in view the modern industry needs we designed something that is not only easy & simple to use but also very effective in enhancing the productivity. The two major focal sectors that we started with have now evolved into future technologies.

TurboAnchor using Data Sciences & AI Engine can not only effectively present all the important project financial & user data from different data channels but also precisely predict the future ROI, User Behavior in simplest English.

For project management TurboAnchor has moved to scrum methodology for agile development powered by GitScrum.