Why am I loosing it?

Being a small or medium online marketing enterprise you may have faced with three main challenges, Online Marketing Project Management, ROIs & Future Assessments for multiple projects running at once with multiple resources working on these.

Client always want to know what is happening with sales even if their keyword rankings are stable. You might have face these questions even if you are hired for SEO Services only, but its a main reason clients leave service providers who do not answer all such questions.

What is happening with my sales? My keywords are stable where are sales? I have spend X amount and got what in return? Why my keywords are not converting? What is happening with my rankings? What kind of writings you are going to do? and many other…

To deal with these questions you might have to use multiple industry leading tools like analytics, project management, social media manager, keyword tracker, content manager, links manager, backlink finders and AI forecaster with individual cost and management. All this made an online marketing agency or an individual service provider to lose business and money.

Why it is achievable?

By making things more clear and explainable it is very easy to manage an online marketing project or campaign. If you know what is happening and can answer all the tricky question before they appear it is very much achievable.

For your agency or individual service Turbo Anchor combine all the tools needed like analytics, project management, social media manager, keyword tracker, content manager, links manager, backlink finders and AI forecaster. Not only this we have a Turbo Engine attached with your project data to find out all issues and suggest fixes. 

Now you can use Turbo Anchor to mange your projects, project staff, project content, project links, track project keywords, use project management tool, social media manager and integrate your Google Analytics, Facebook Ads and Google Search Console to find out what is happening with your projects.   

Modern Age Challenges!

Keeping in view the modern industry needs, Turbo Anchor use Data Sciences & AI Engine to present all the important project financials & user data from your data channel but also precisely predict the future for each information tracked under the dashboard, like Sales, Transactions, ROI, Traffic and more.

For project management Turbo Anchor has included a tool which is scrum methodology for agile development powered by GitScrum.

Why AI for Data Analysis?

AI forecast data helped us analyse the situations ahead. It is like someone telling us the future for all our problems or opportunities. Once AI forecasts the negative future for any matrices say sales or traffic we can take necessary measures prior time to keep our project on track which is a game changer for any business. It’s like achieving or fixing your future with your present.